Another Linux router maker guns for Cisco

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| Unlike Vyatta, ImageStream packages its Linux-based router operating system
| on hardware. The smallest box, the Envoy, starts at about $500 and features
| two on-board 10/100 Ethernet ports, two Mini PCI slots, one USB bus with two
| internal ports, flash storage. The folks there have no trouble gunning
| directly for Cisco.

Open Source as standard option in home routers

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| You’ll get the usual 2-year guarantee here in Germany, which you would lose
| with installing free software on most vendors’ products yourself.

A Cisco-centric open source community

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| Have you poked around The Cisco-centric Open Source Community (COSI) yet? The
| site was among a hefty list of sources for free admin tools that Brad Reese
| blogged about in May.


Open source and secret sauce

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| Open source router outperforming Cisco device in test revives the
| "commodity" vs. "special purpose" debate
| [...]
| Marketing trumped technology, however. Competitors would say "you don't
| want to trust your network to a PC" -- even though it really wasn't a PC.
| And FUD prevailed. Today we can expect to hear the same comments made in
| reference to open source. Will they work this time?

Vyatta Delivers Twice the Performance of Cisco at Half the Price

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| Vyatta today announced the release of independent third-party testing
| results from The Tolly Group that measured the throughput and
| performance of the open-source, x86-based Vyatta router and
| firewall appliance versus the proprietary Cisco 2821 ISR.
| "This report shatters the myth that proprietary hardware products
| are a better choice than standard x86-based systems for network
| infrastructure," said Dave Roberts, VP of strategy and marketing
| at Vyatta. "For the majority of routing applications, open-source
| software and x86-based hardware can easily address the performance
| requirements and at significantly lower price points."

Will an open source router replace your Cisco router?

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| By using VMware, I was able to get this new router up in less than 30
| minutes--as promised by the evaluation guide. In fact, half of that time
| came from downloading the file. In addition, I ended up reading some of the
| guide to learn the default login and the basics of the user interface.
| In my opinion, Vyatta shows a lot of promise. While I'm not recommending
| throwing out Cisco routers in favor of Vyatta just yet, spending 30 minutes
| to familiarize yourself with what it can do is a smart idea.

Open source router on par with Cisco, users say

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| "I'd say that any PC we could put [Vyatta OFR] on today is going to be
| way faster than Cisco. I would not be doing backbone routing with this,
| but I would not hesitate to say this will compete against Cisco
| either," Newnam said. "Well, as long as we're not switching half of
| the U.S. of course."


Dumping Cisco for open-source

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| Open-source networking trend is limited so far, but it
| could grow fast
| The open-source movement, which has long made inroads
| into corporations via Linux and other enterprise-level
| software, now has a potentially bigger target in its
| cross hairs: the PBXs and network routers from companies
| such as Cisco Systems Inc. that form the basis of
| networking infrastructure.

Cisco offers up safe mapping tool as open source

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| This is the first we've come across an open source tool from Cisco. What are
| the others it has offered?

Chambers: We're Not Plumbers Anymore

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| In response to a question about Cisco's views on open source posed
| by Chambers responded, "I think that open source or
| open content is the future. You want to be able to create your own
| content and we want to do that empowerment."