Linux-friendly browser syncs devices, desktops

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| Multi-platform browser vendor Opera Software today released a synchronization
| program said to share Opera browser information among desktops, mobile
| phones, and other devices.

Firefox already appears to have the same functionality (or roughly the same,
using plug-ins). Version 9.5 has reached beta as well.

Opera 9.5 beta released

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| Opera 9.5 beta is available for download! Since the first alpha release
| hundreds of bugs have been fixed. Website rendering has been significantly
| improved, along with performance, stability and usability.

Opera runs on many Linux devices.


Opera OLPC Edition

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| We have been testing Opera on the OLPC laptop since we received
| the "lean-mean-green-machine", as some here at the office like to
| call it. I have been keeping both the Opera page on the OLPC Wiki
| as well as my own blog up-to-date about work on it. We feel the
| time to be ready to show you the progress we have made.

Perspective: Microsoft's amusing standards stance

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| One fun thing to do in Web browsers is to check how well documents
| conform to standards. For example, you can pass the URL of
| Microsoft's letter to W3C's validator. Doing so reveals that
| the letter is not written according to the HTML specification.
| The validator finds 33 errors in the most lenient mode. (One of
| the errors is the use of the "layer" element. (The "layer" element?!)
| Microsoft--please--if you think standards are so important,
| why not start using them?

Fluffy Spider Ports Opera Browser to FancyPants Platform

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| The integration is readily demonstrated on a desktop environment and
| initially focuses on embedded Linux operating systems, while FancyPants is
| also readily ported to other operating systems and display subsystems. *

Opera Everywhere

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| I think people may not understand that we still have 10 million to 15
| million active users of the desktop browser, which in all accounts is
| a fair amount of people. We have been doing this for more than ten years.

Newsmaker: For Opera, smaller is better

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| It's like you have a used car and then what are you going to do with it?
| Are you going to get rid of it and get a new one? Or are you going to give
| it a paint job? I think (what) Microsoft has done here is given it a
| paint job.

Opera 9.22 released

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| We released 9.22 today and it's a recommended security update.