A problem of plenty

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| We see a huge market opportunity in this space both in India and abroad as
| mixed IT environments are on the rise.



Linux becoming visible on desktops

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| The Penguin (named Tux) is finally making inroads as an operating system (OS)
| on desktops too. While it has an over 20 per cent market share when we speak
| of servers in India, the free OS called Linux has just around 5 per cent
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| market share in the country when it comes to desktops – the lion’s share
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^
| going to Microsoft Windows.


ELCOT's success story of Suse linux migration

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| Electronic Corporation of TamilNadu, India is the Information Technology
| arm of Government of TamilNadu, India. ELCOT is a fully owned Government
| Company. ELCOT migrated all its operations to suse linux OS within a
| period of 12 months. This video shares the success story of ELCOT in
| the suse linux migration (June 2007)