$100 laptop program still eyes India

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| The so-called $100 laptops for children may make it to India after all.


How low can you go?

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| Can it get better? These it seems are merely imitators, because if you want
| the ultimate bargain, contact the guys at Bristol Wireless as they’ll do you
| a PC (albeit refurbished) running Linux and Open Office, complete with a
| monitor for just £50.



OLPC to offer two-packs to jump start sales

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| The move will effectively bring XO laptops to the U.S. and create a way to
| finance the OLPC effort abroad. And that financing will be necessary
| considering the cost of the XO laptop is double the original $100 target.


Danish school kid's verdict on the OLPC laptop: It's cool!

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| "I think we could make good use of it in my class," said Karl Emil as he
| tries to grab the XO from us in order to take it to school the following day.


'$100 laptop' production begins

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| Hardware suppliers have been given the green light to ramp-up production of
| all of the components needed to build millions of the low-cost machines.
| Previously, the organisation behind the scheme said that it required orders
| for 3m laptops to make production viable. The first machines should be ready
| to put into the hands of children in developing countries in October 2007.


Students aim for One Laptop Per Child

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| One way the laptops, called the XO, can be so inexpensive is that all their
| programs are created and customized using open source, which means all codes
| are made freely available and no one company owns the copyright. That brings
| together millions of hours of work instead of having to start from scratch
| for each program, Burns said.
| Burns thought OLPC was an interesting idea, and he went online to find out
| more, getting on the mailing lists and making contact with project
| coordinators. When coordinators learned that he was a student at Oregon State
| University and worked at the university's Network Services, they asked if he
| could work on the word processor.


LeapFrog Evaluates 'Synergies' with OLPC Project

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| LeapFrog's Eugene Ciurana has spent his free time testing the OLPC's XO \
| laptop and says it hits the mark.