Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> United chief chases change
> ,----[ Quote ]
> | Believing that his airline needs deep, wrenching changes to remain
> | competitive, United Airlines Chief Executive Glenn Tilton wants to
> | pursue everything, from a merger to charging passengers who want their
> | luggage to come first off the plane, as part of a major overhaul of the
> | nation's second-largest airline.
> `----

I agree with this tax, you always get those turning up for a plane at the
last moment, try to get a mega huge bag in as hand luggage, holding the
plane up while three men carry the bag to the cargo hold. Then the bloke
walks into the cabin telling us all what a pile of pants this airline is,
he isn't the least upset that he gets no sympathy. Then at the other end he
wants to be first off and wants his bag in hand straight away, so holding
up the unloading of the luggage of all of the rest of the passengers.

I have no sympathy for him and wouldn't mind in the least if he got charged
millions for this last on first off service.