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> OneCare Slopware to blame, apparently:
> Microsoft OneCare Silently Changes Automatic Updates

They tried to develop something /themselves/.

Microsoft shipped OneCare unfinished?

,----[ Quote ]
| Since shipping in May, OneCare has failed industry tests and exposed
| users to attack because of a security flaw in the antivirus engine.
| The application also incorrectly flagged Gmail as a virus and in some
| cases quarantined or even deleted complete in-boxes when a single
| e-mail was laden with a virus.


Also on OneCare:

,----[ Quote ]
| Asked about these problems, Arno Edelmann, Microsoft's European business
| security product manager, told ZDNet UK on Thursday that the code itself
| has pieces missing.
| "Usually Microsoft doesn't develop products, we buy products. It's not a bad
| product, but bits and pieces are missing," said Edelmann.


> http://www.pcworld.com/article/id,13...1/article.html

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