Everex and Koolu Announce Strategic Partnership

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| Earlier this year, Everex became the first major PC brand to launch an open
| source productivity suite into the US retail channel with OpenOffice.org.



OpenOffice.org Free Software Proves a Success at WalMart

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| On July 18th 2007, Everex launched its first 'Back to School' PC with
| OpenOffice.org 2.02 into WalMart stores throughout the United States. The
| response was fantastic. *


Wal-Mart to sell $300 PC with OpenOffice

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| Dell followed a similar strategy on July 10 when it withheld bloatware from
| its new Vostro line of PCs for small business users after a long campaign by
| bloggers and Dell customers against common practice by PC vendors of loading
| unrequested software onto new computers. Software companies fund the effort
| as a way to find new users. * *


Wal-mart to offer low-cost Linux PC?

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| Wal-Mart will sell a sub-$300 "back-to-school" PC this fall pre-loaded with
| Microsoft Windows Vista and OpenOffice.org productivity software. The Everex
| GC3502 PC is based on a 1.7GHz Via C7-D processor, and will be available
| later this year preloaded with Ubuntu Linux. *