Open Source does not mean Free: Why we are declaring a license for the
community database

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| In lieu of sending out bi-weekly updates on GPLv3 conversions, we have moved
| to an RSS-feed model so that if you would like to continue receiving the
| information, it is easy to subscribe.

Microsoft: the Rodney Dangerfield of open source

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| Microsoft's motives
| So why is Microsoft, whose CEO Steve Balmer once referred to the open source
| operating system Linux as a "cancer," now seeking approval of its two
| licenses as open source? I think the answer is two fold.
| First, Microsoft needs to do everything it can to counter the perception (and
| reality) that it has monopoly power. For example, it is having to jump
| through very small hoops in Europe in order to comply with a 2004
| anti-competition EU court ruling. Just this month it has agreed to make
| workgroup server interoperability information available to open-source
| developers. Like it or not, Microsoft has to open up and if it is going to
| open up it might as well do so on its own terms.
| Second, open standards are increasingly valued by buyers in their technology
| decisions.