Turbolinux falls for a patent deal with Microsoft

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| What seems clear is that these various patent covenant deals will result in
| fragmenting the capabilities of the participating Linux distributions such
| that they will wind up offering some features and functions that are diverse
| and possibly incompatible. And that sounds an awful lot like a cunning Volish
| plan to divide and conquer.


Not to mention Oracle...

The Oracle Unbreakable Linux incompatibility

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| It was exciting when a year ago at LinuxWorld Expo London we heard a rumour
| that Oracle was going to support Red Hat Enterprise Linux. It was surprising
| to find out that this rumour was not entirely as well-intended and supportive
| as it sounded.


I Was Wrong: Microsoft Won [in the Europe case]

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| I could feel it in my bones: the great victory of the EU over MS is a sham.
| Here's why.