Misys aims to open source healthcare, but forgets the source

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| What benefits will Misys derive from open source if it doesn't engage an
| external development community? Microsoft and others have been sharing source
| for some time, under proprietary licenses. That's not open source, and I
| don't believe that is what Misys has in mind. So why not do more than issue
| bold press releases? Open source is not marketing. It's an extended
| engagement with a community larger than any one person or company.


The 'open source' feeds are becoming littered with all that Microsoft
proprietary stack + arbitrary 'open' blocks of code thing. Especially after
that suicidal OSI approval...


Using open source as a marketing ploy

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| This is typical trend riding fluff. If you go the Aras website you
| read about "Microsoft Enterprise Open Source Solutions", which is
| comical in and of itself.


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| "Microsoft says open-source software is un-American. Has the
| company completely lost its mind?
| - - - - - - - - - - - -
| By Andrew Leonard
| Feb. 15, 2001 | Once upon a time, Microsoft executives confined
| their criticism of Linux and free software to old-fashioned FUD
| -- fear, uncertainty and doubt. Linux wasn't good enough for
| enterprise-class systems, they declared. You couldn't get
| quality support, and it was too hard and clunky for average users.
| Fair enough. But now, judging by comments made Wednesday by
| Microsoft's operating systems chief Jim Allchin (and reported
| by Bloomberg News), it turns out that free and open-source
| software is something far worse than anyone could possibly have
| imagined. It is nothing less than a threat to the American
| way of life! "


The irony of Ballmer's projected buying spree

| I've been thinking through Ballmer's comments that [1]he'll buy
| 20 Web 2.0 companies each year over the next five years, and a
| biting irony just hit me: Web 2.0 is all about collaboration and
| architecture of participation. Web 2.0 grows through community.
| Ballmer plans to get into this market by buying communities...
| ...which implies that he's not very good at building them. Now,
| some will cry "Foul!" given the rich partner ecosystem that
| Microsoft has grown over the years. But Microsoft's extant partner
| ecosystem is very different from the kind of community that open
| source and Web 2.0 fosters.