BEA playing 'The Price Is Right' with Mephistopheles

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| Oracle plays hardball. It's a company born to lead the proprietary world and
| to strive unsuccessfully to work with the open-source world. Why? Because you
| can't force your affections upon open-source communities. Open source demands
| trust and cooperation. Oracle does many things exceptionally well. Just not
| these two critical components of open source.

Friends of Linux (maybe), but not open source.


MySQL bites Oracle before Oracle bites it

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| In a pre-emptive strike against Oracle, database vendor MySQL has
| launched its first site-wide license and support package, pricing
| it the same as a single Oracle CPU database license.

Will Oracle launch Unbreakable MySQL?

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| "They have hinted to us that they will," said Mickos, indicating
| that the database giant is planning to repeat its October 2006
| Unbreakable Linux plan, which saw it undercut Red Hat with
| enterprise Linux support.