Germany says Chinese state is behind cyber spying

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| In August German media reported that computer hackers believed to be linked
| to the Chinese army had infected German government ministries with spying
| programs. Beijing denied the allegation and said all "hacking" behavior was
| prohibited.

So Germany wants Windows spyware for its own government (to spy on people), but
wants to keep safe with Windows on the desktop. How absurd.

Even Microsoft nods (self nuke, in a sense).

Targeted attacks on the rise, Microsoft report says

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| Neither businesses nor consumers have shown much stomach, however, for the
| kinds of improved authentication mechanisms that could help. "We're far
| removed from that because the business infrastructure isn't there today."


Germany, UK also investigating government PC espionage by China

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| In recent weeks, the Chinese have been accused not only of hacking the
| Pentagon, but also several German ministries and key sites in the UK, as
| well. In doing research for an upcoming story on the Pentagon attacks, I
| stumbled upon recent reports in Germany of surprisingly similar activity. *

China Crafts Cyberweapons

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| The Defense Department reports China is building cyberwarfare
| units and developing viruses.

Cyber-spies tracking terror on Web

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| Weimann says most active terrorist groups have established their
| presence on the Internet.

Estonia suspects Kremlin in Web attacks

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| He said more than 1 million computers worldwide have been used in
| recent weeks to attack Estonian government and business Web sites
| since a dispute arose with Moscow over Estonia's moving of a
| Soviet-era war memorial from downtown Tallinn.

U.S. cyber counterattack: Bomb 'em one way or the other

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| If the United States found itself under a major cyberattack aimed
| at undermining the natio's critical information infrastructure,
| the Department of Defense is prepared, based on the authority of
| the president, to launch a cyber counterattack or an actual
| bombing of an attack source.

US plans for cyber attack revealed

Homeland Security sees cyberthreats on the rise

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| To test the nation's response to a cyberattack, the Department
| of Homeland Security plans to hold another major exercise,
| called Cyberstorm II, in March 2008, Garcia said. A first
| such exercise happened early last year.

Zombie botnets attack global DNS servers

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| Hackers launched a sustained attack last night against key root servers
| which form the backbone of the internet.
| Security firm Sophos said that botnets of zombie PCs bombarded the
| internet's domain name system (DNS) servers with traffic.
| "These zombie computers could have brought the web to its knees,"
| said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos.

Perspective: *Microsoft security--no more second chances?

,----[ Excerpt ]
| CNET's Charles Cooper says the software maker is running out
| of excuses for a history of poor security.

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| As if Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff didn't have enough on
| his plate.
| Not only has he had to deal with Katrina and Osama. Now he's also got to
| whip Steve Ballmer and the crew at Microsoft into shape. If past is
| prologue, that last task may be the most daunting of all.

Botnet 'pandemic' threatens to strangle the net

,----[ Quote ]
| Cerf estimated that between 100 million and 150 million of the
| * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| 600 million PCs on the internet are under the control of hackers,
| * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| the BBC reports. "Despite all that, the net is still working,
| which is pretty amazing. It's pretty resilient," he said.

EveryDNS, OpenDNS Under Botnet DDoS Attack

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| The last time the Web mob (spammers and phishers using botnets)
| decided to go after a security service, Blue Security was forced
| to fold and collateral damage extended to several businesses,
| including Six Apart.