Linux v2.6.24-rc1 "humongous"

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| Linus Torvalds has just released the first release candidate of the upcoming
| 2.6.24 Linux kernel: “This may count as one of the biggest -rc releases ever.
| It’s humongous.Usually the compressed -rc1 diffs are in the 3-5MB range, with
| occasional smaller ones, and the occasional ones that top 6M, but this one is
| eleven megs.”

Geez. The last kernel release (2.6.23) is only a couple of weeks old. RC for
the next version already? That's right. They plan and work ahead while testing
and bringing stability to the previous RCs. Linux moves fast. Not so with
Vista... there weren't even plans ahead when Vista was release. They dropped
some broken O/S onto PCs and thought they would 'patch' it as they go along,
with people's daily workstation in place (glitches, data loss, forced


Linux Will Be Worth $1 Billion In First 100 Days of 2009

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| The kernel development process is adding 2,000 lines of code a day or roughly
| another 160,000 by the end of 2007. By the end of 2008, it will have added
| another 730,000. So the kernel will have close to 6.4 millions lines of code,
| using Wheeler's methodology, at the end of next year. Sometime during the
| first 100 days of 2009, Linux will cross the 6.6 million lines of code mark
| and $1 billion in value. * *

Microsoft's death knell for Windows Mobile

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| And of course, there's Linux - which already runs on hand-held devices
| without much fuss. That'll be in a much stronger position if and when the x86
| architecture becomes a potent part of portable life.