Microsoft's vision for universal mobile platform a little blurred

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| Unfortunately for Microsoft, Windows Mobile is currently not even in the
| second runner in the smartphone operating systems race. Linux, which is
| widely used on mobile devices in China, is second to Symbian with more than
| 13% market share. Windows mobile is a distant third with about 6% share.

Microsoft also thought it can outZune the market. Almost a decade of Windows
mobile and where are they? Nowhere.


LiMo Foundation Announces Membership Surge

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| World’s first global mobile Linux initiative announces rapid early expansion
| of membership as powerful ecosystem begins to take shape

Symbian senior VP defects to mobile Linux

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| The LiMo (Linux Mobile) Foundation, an industry group building a common
| software stack for Linux-based mobile phones, today announced a dozen new
| members. The organization also disclosed that rival Symbian's longtime Senior
| VP of Sales and Professional Services, Morgan Gillis, will soon become its
| Executive Director.