Linux's Colonel Of The Kernel Andrew Morton: 'Fix More Bugs'

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| I started kernel development in 2000. I had been doing a lot of integration
| work and running the memory management tree. Then Linus tapped me on the
| shoulder and asked me to please do this [act as lead maintainer]. I guess I
| had demonstrated an ability to play well with others and maintain my sanity.


Linux: Merging in 2.6.23

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| Andrew Morton posted a list of a wide range of patches that are
| in his -mm kernel, summarizing for each his plans as to whether or not they
| will be pushed upstream for inclusion in the upcoming 2.6.23 kernel. *

Andrew Morton reveals his plans for Linux 2.6.21

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| Following the release of Linux Version 2.6.20 a few days ago
| the development phase of the next kernel version has now taken
| off. Whereas Linus Torvalds during the last few days has
| already integrated some 800 patches into his developer
| kernel that will lead to 2.6.21, Andrew Morton has now
| informed the kernel developers about his plans for
| the next kernel version.