[Microsoft laughs gleefully as Linux distro downloads are blocked and SaaS
leaves people hanging]

Comcast traffic blocking: even more apps, groupware clients affected

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| Even if you accept the argument that all P2P traffic is inherently evil, and
| that Comcast has the right to disrupt it in order to put a stop to copyright
| infringement, Comcast's traffic-shaping efforts have apparently extended
| beyond the realm of P2P and into good old enterprise groupware. Kevin
| Kanarski, who works as a Lotus Notes messaging engineer, noticed some strange
| behavior with Lotus Notes when hooked up to a Comcast connection last month.


Comcast: We’re Delaying, Not Blocking, BitTorrent Traffic

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| The executive declined to talk in detail about the technology, citing
| spammers or other miscreants who might exploit that knowledge.



Is Comcast's BitTorrent filtering violating the law?

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| Assuming that the SYN packet goes through, the three-way handshake is allowed
| to happen, then the two hosts will be able to begin communicating. Your ISP
| can still kill the connection later, should they wish to, merely by blocking
| the transmission of future packets.
| According to Torrent Freak, Comcast is not doing this. They are instead
| sending a reset (or RST) packet to the Comcast customer, pretending to be
| from the host at the end of the BitTorrent connection.


Comcast Cuts Off Heavy Internet Users

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| Customers complain bandwidth limits are secret.


Torrentspy Disables Searching For US IPs

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| Torrent indexing site Torrentspy.com appears to have disabled torrent
| searches for IPs that originate in the United States.


Comcast Throttles BitTorrent Traffic, Seeding Impossible

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| Over the past weeks more and more Comcast users started to notice that their
| BitTorrent transfers were cut off. Most users report a significant decrease
| in download speeds, and even worse, they are unable to seed their downloads.
| A nightmare for people who want to keep up a positive ratio at private
| trackers and for the speed of BitTorrent transfers in general. * *
| [...]
| Last year we had a discussion whether traffic shaping is good or bad, and
| ISPs made it pretty clear that they do not like P2P applications like
| BitTorrent. One of the ISPs that joined our discussions said: “The fact is,
| P2P is (from my point of view) a plague - a cancer, that will consume all the
| bandwidth that I can provide. It’s an insatiable appetite.”, and another one
| stated: “P2P applications can cripple a network, they’re like leaches. Just
| because you pay 49.99 for a 1.5-3.0mbps connection doesn’t mean your entitled
| to use whatever protocols you wish on your ISP’s network without them
| provisioning it to make the network experience good for all users involved.” * * * *