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> The fourth member of the Monkey Club:
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> | Turbolinux has become the latest Linux company to sign an
> | IP-protection assurance deal with Microsoft, following in the
> | footsteps of Novell, Xandros, Linspire.
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> http://www.linux-watch.com/news/NS2804920911.html

"In a statement, Microsoft's general manager for IP licensing, David Kaefer,
said, "This agreement represents a business and technical collaboration that
will benefit customers. Through this collaboration Microsoft and Turbolinux
are reinforcing our combined commitment to providing real solutions for our
customers such as the single sign-on solution. Turbolinux is now one of
Microsoft's preferred Linux partners, and we are looking forward to continue
building bridges between open source and commercial technologies."

Turbolinux CEO Yano Koichi added, "Together, we can do much to reduce the
cost and complexity of running mixed Windows and Linux IT environments, and
we believe this agreement gives our company a significant edge in the
marketplace. Delivering value requires a vision for how to design
mixed-source solutions that tackle clear customer priorities and a framework
for sharing intellectual property. When strong Microsoft customers are
evaluating Linux, we want them to see Turbolinux as the distribution that
works best with their existing Microsoft investments.""

Who could ask for anything more?