Job Cuts in IT Down: Pay for Non-Certified Skills on the Rise

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| If you're looking for a new job in IT, keep in mind two trends: technology
| job cuts are at the lowest level of the year and—for the first time ever—pay
| for noncertified IT workers now averages more than pay for workers with IT
| certifications.

Pentagon hacker's UK appeal moves forward

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| A trio of British judges has agreed that hacker Gary McKinnon can appeal his
| extradition order to the U.S. to the House of Lords.


Noncertified IT pros make more than those with certified skills, report shows

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| A new report from industry research firm Foote Partners LLC finds that the
| average pay for noncertified IT skills topped that for certified
| professionals while compensation for IT jobs increased again in the third
| quarter of 2007. CEO and Chief Research Officer, David Foote calls this “a
| significant event” that has not occurred in the industry since 2000. * *