One Laptop per Child Creates the World's ''Greenest'' Laptop Computer

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| The XO Laptop Consumes One-Tenth the Power of Typical Laptops and Earns
| Highest European and U.S. Environmental Certifications


Report: Linux, open source greener than Windows

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| A new report from the U.K. Office of Government Commerce about Open
| Source Software Trials in Government, has found that servers running
| Linux could combat the rising problem of e-waste because they last
| up to twice as long as machines running Windows.

Linux, Windows duke it out over energy efficiency

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| Linux appears to have an advantage at the moment: Companies are becoming
| increasingly open to adopting the platform both in the server room and on the
| desktop. Big-name vendors like IBM, HP, and Novell are giving the penguin a
| push in the datacenter, framing it as a flexible and energy-efficient
| platform. The fact that Linux offers greater virtualization opportunities
| than Windows (a sentiment recently expressed by the VMWare CTO Mendel
| Rosenblum) only strengthens the platform's green standing. * * *