Is everyone having this problem or is it just me? I've recompiled numerous
2.6.x, installed umpteen patches and no matter WHAT my box crashes if I run
'make -j2'... no double about it!

Example, I was recompiling KDE and optimizing it for my box. Everything goes
well until I type 'make -sj2'. Both cpu's will run for a few minutes, it
suddenly jumps to 100% cpu usage, and then suddenly *BAM!* crash... locked
tight as a drum, no error msg, no nothing!

Now I'm aware of the issue with smp and certain types of C/C++ code but this
happens all the time and even with Compaq C! Any ideas whats going on? do I
have some bad mem? is it the scheduler in the kernel? is there some sort of
memory leak? any ideas would be helpful! It would be nice to be able to use
BOTH cpu's when compiling jumbo software! WillieG