Linux SDK supports sub-$10 HD-video SoC

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| RidgeRun has introduced a Linux-based SDK (software development kit) for
| Texas Instruments's sub-$10 TMS320DM355 digital video SoC (system-on-chip).


DigitalPersona releases Linux software development kit

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| The company has taken its fingerprint verification algorithm and adapted it
| to the Linux 2.6 environment for Linux-based embedded platforms and
| standalone systems deployed in retail, financial, healthcare, and time and
| attendance applications. *


SDK aims Playstation3 clusters at HPC apps

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| The SDK includes Terra Soft's Yellow Dog Linux implementation for Cell-based
| systems, and is designed to enhance IBM's free SDK for the Cell architecture.
| The SDK comprises optimized math libraries and a graphical IDE and debugger
| based on Eclipse, along with Mercury's Trace Analysis Tool and Library
| (TATL). * *

Consumer-control industry and their security damnation

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| Apple "opening up" iPhone to third party software will solve neither the
| security problem nor the problem of a closed nature of the platform if most
| of this third party software remains proprietary and if it will have to adapt
| to certain Apple-specific rules to work on an iPhone, meaning that a program
| written for iPhone may not work on other phones. Security by obscurity has *
| been proven ineffective and "opening up" to third party development while
| still dictating the conditions of this development is not even near "open".
| It is just another con leaving them plenty of room to build a controlled
| monopoly. * * *

Woopsi for Nintendo: First Open Source Package Released

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| Woopsi offers a GUI library for Nintendo. The Open Source Library offers help
| in quickly creating user interfaces for homebrew software. The Woopsi is
| based on the AmigaOS windowing system. *

Adobe open sources Flex SDK

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| The new open source Flex SDK and documentation will be available
| under the Mozilla Public License (MPL).

Experimental Sugar SDK LiveCD

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| Right now the iso weighs in at 291Megs which means we have some
| room to work with in terms of adding applications which would
| make it easier to develop for the OLPC and the Sugar environment.
| I would like to know what people think those applications are.

IBM Java 6 Early Release Program

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| IBM has released SDK for Java 6. In addition to supporting the Java SE 6
| Platform specification, the new SDK also focuses on, Data sharing between
| Java Virtual Machines (JVMs), Enhanced diagnostics information, Operating
| system stack backtraces, Updated jdmpview tool, platform stability, and
| performance.

NVIDIA Releaes CUDA SDK for the GeForce 8800

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| NVIDIA has released a public beta of the NVIDIA CUDA Software
| Developer Kit (SDK) and C-compiler for computing on NVIDIA
| graphics processing units (GPUs).
| [...]
| Developers are invited to download the beta version of the CUDA
| Software Developers Kit (SDK) and C-compiler for Windows XP and
| Linux (RedHat Release 4 Update 3) from the NVIDIA Developer Web site...

IDS: SDK for uEye cameras supports Linux

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| IDS now offers Linux users a comprehensive software package for
| its uEye camera series. Besides a software development kit the
| package provides an interface for the Linux version of the HALCON
| standard image processing library.The software development kit
| allows controlling all camera-related parameters.

Phillips Dictionation SDK for Linux

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| Phillips has released a Linux SDK system for it's popular dictation
| software. Although the platform it not Open Source, it's exciting to
| see vendors supporting Linux.

Fonix Releases Linux-Supported Automatic Speech Recognition Technology

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| "The end result is an SDK with considerably higher rates of speech
| recognition and greater usability as a language learning tool."