Mythbuntu 7.10 is now available!

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| The Mythbuntu team is proud to present the first stable release of Mythbuntu.
| This release is based upon Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon).

"Mythbuntu uses the XFCE4 desktop. All unnecessary applications such as
OpenOffice, Evolution, and a full Gnome desktop are not installed for a
Mythbuntu installation."


Ex-MS security guru to dump Media Center for Linux?

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| Veteran Microsoft security expert, Jesper Johansson, says he may dump
| Microsoft's Windows Media Center in favour of Ubuntu-affiliated LinuxMCE
| after struggling with Redmond's DRM (Digital Rights Management) software.

Media Portal Xface Skin Version 1.0 | Competition for Vista MCE?

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| One thing about open source software: you never know how people will improve
| it. Take Media Portal for instance. I have tried it but ultimately went with
| BeyondTV to watch TV on my computer. That, however, might change though with
| the release of Xface Skin Version 1.0.

Former Windows Developer Trashes Windows Vista, Gets Slapped, Falls Back in

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| Alec Saunders, a former Senior Product Manager at Microsoft Canada, had a
| bone to pick with Windows Vista.

Linux media center distro adds flashy features

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| LinuxMCE appears to comprise a set of add-ons -- such as the MythTV DVR
| (digital video recorder), for example -- that sit on top of Kubuntu, the
| version of Ubuntu that uses KDE (K desktop environment). It adds numerous
| fancy features, including the optional alpha-blended UI (user interface)
| shown in the screenshots below.

LinuxMCE 0704 Released

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| "LinuxMCE 0704 is a major improvement over the original 1.0 release.
| According to a poll, 86% now report LinuxMCE installs and starts up without
| problems, versus 27% with the original release.

LinuxMCE 1.1 Released -- Now Runs KDE

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| There's also word that LinuxMCE, since it works so well with the
| KDE desktop environment, that the guys at the KDE project are
| seriously considering integrating LinuxMCE into their upcoming
| 4.0 release. Now this is HUGE! If combined in the KDE 4.0 release,
| LinuxMCE + Kubuntu would be a free, open-source competitor/aternative
| to Windows Vista Ultimate.

Mythbuntu 7.10 Public Alpha 2

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| Today the Mythbuntu team is announcing our second alpha image.

Mythbuntu 7.10 Public Alpha 3

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| Today marks the release for the third Mythbuntu alpha image. With this
| release, we introduce an AMD64 built image as well a standard x86 build.
| Should there be enough demand for a PPC build, we will do one of this for the
| next alpha.

Mythbuntu 7.10 Public Beta

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| The Mythbuntu team is pleased to announce the Beta of Mythbuntu-7.10.