IBM upgrades z/VSE mainframe OS for wider ecommerce and Linux use

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| IBM has upgraded its z/VSE mainframe operating system to further support
| ecommerce and widening Linux use.


Big Iron lives on

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| These Linux-only processors are priced approximately 90 percent
| lower than a processor utilised for a traditional mainframe workload.

Top 500 Supers: Moore's Law Is Alive and Well

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| There are two Windows-based clusters, and 42 machines that run a mix
| of operating systems--and one of those operating systems in the mix is
| always a Linux and the other is a variant of Unix. If you want to be
| fair, Linux is represented on 86 percent of the machines...

Linux drives a mainframe revival

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| Linux may not be everyone?s idea of a mainframe operating system,
| but for a growing number of large and medium-sized businesses
| the synergy between Linux and big iron is the solution to as
| ignificant problem.

Mainframe in comeback mode

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| We have over 1,300 independent software vendors who work with the
| Mainframe. We have 300 to 400 in the Linux arena. We have many
| business partners and some integrators too, that we work with.

IBM and Oracle Agreement Strengthens Mainframe Computing, IDC Says

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| IBM and Oracle announced this initiative to collaborate on the sales
| and marketing of a series of enterprise business solutions with
| Oracle applications and technology for Linux on System z on
| October 24, 2006. It targets the business requirements of large
| and medium size enterprise customers and meets growing marketd
| emand, complementing a series of investments IBM and Oracle have
| made in support of Linux as an enterprise application platform.

Linux-on-Mainframe Apps Up 100%: IBM

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| IBM recently reported a 390% jump in mainframe sites running Linux.
| It says more than 60% of its mainframe revenue is now coming from
| new workloads, with approximately 20% of the revenue and 30% of the
| MIPS coming from Linux customers, which is what has the ISVs
| interested.

IBM touts mainframes to India

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| It wants large and mid-sized companies to consider running Linux
| virtual machines on a mainframe instead of stand-alone servers.
| It argues that not only does it bring operational efficiency -
| there's just one machine to house and manage - but it has
| performance advantages too, as a mainframe copes with demand
| spikes better than a rack-mount server