KDE 4 Beta 3 - Screenshot Tour

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| While I had some trouble testing the newest KDE 4 Beta release on my test
| machine, the KDE Four LiveCD works surprisingly well. According to Stephan
| the version used on this LiveCD is KDE 4 Beta 3 plus a set of recent patches.



KDE 3.5.8 Release Announcement

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| KDE 3.5.8 features translations in 65 languages, improvements to KDE PIM
| suite and other applications.


KDE and a periodic release cycle

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| So there are two questions: first, will KDE switch to a fixed release cycle,
| and second, will KDE switch to a 6 month cycle? But that is up to the
| developers, they will have the last word.


KDE 4: Kubuntu, Systemsettings vs kcontrol

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| For these who don’t know: Systemsettings is a kcontrol replacement used
| in Kubuntu. It does re-use many of the kcontrol modules but features
| a different design.
| [...]
| If you now wonder about the move, keep in mind that Systemsettings
| re-uses most of the modules of kcontrol. So basically not too many
| things will change. But Systemsettings got quite some attention by
| usability experts, while kcontrol is already a bit old and overloaded.