A pot for Sun's open source potpourri?

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| To be fair, Sun hasn't had the luxury of starting and building a singular
| project to the point where other, even totally unrelated projects are found
| worthy by association (an open source mustard seed of sorts, a la the Apache
| web server). Also, until recently, Sun hasn't been associated with an open
| source pedigree despite having been active here and there dating back to
| 1999. Still in order to leverage any kind of cross relevance within its
| growing stable of open source efforts, Sun must establish distinguishing
| aspects of an open source approach which reflects the company's overarching
| strategic perspective.


The Business of Open Source

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| As open source grows, many struggle as non-profits. This three-part series by
| JT Smith explores the business of maintaining open-source projects and the
| businesses that grow out of them.



Sun CEO: "Proprietary"...did more damage to sun than any market downturn

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| Sun has discovered the exact same thing. Freedom sells. Or, rather,
| services around freedom sell. The freedom itself is, well, free.