Time for a Wiki to Invalidate Patents

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| Show Us the Code is gearing up now for round two. This time around we’ll pack
| a more permanent punch.
| A wiki will be setup in the near future, the goal? To list every patent that
| patent trolls can drum up to try to destroy linux, and to find a legal means
| in which to invalidate those patents, be it prior art or by other means.



Prior Art - What's a Claim Limitation?

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| It's a 2005 case, so a lot has happened in the meantime. Oh, and if you are
| looking for prior art, the patent to look at first would be the oldest one of
| the ones IP Innovation has claimed in the Red Hat litigation. That is the one
| that I think needs to be knocked out either by prior art or by obviousness.


Patent Sanity

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| For years, many in the software industry have expressed concern over software
| and business method patents and the patent system. *