Review: Amarok Live CD 1.3

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| Amarok is a fairly new, but well known music management and playback program
| designed to help you organize and listen to all of your music in a simple,
| yet powerful interface full of nearly every tool you will need. But few
| people outside of the Linux community know of this program. It's very likely
| that if you're a fan of Amarok, you've wanted many times to show your friends
| and colleagues the benefits and joys of this impressive and wonderful
| program. Well, now you can. Thus I introduce you to the Amarok Live CD.

Open source ERP in a box

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| Openbravo has announced that it is teaming up with rPath to build an ERP
| software appliance for small and medium businesses, with the aim of
| simplifying deployment and ongoing maintenance.


Virtual appliances spawn new class of Linux distros

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| Traditionally, vendors have based appliances on Linux by preconfiguring their
| software on a dedicated x86 server. For instance, open source networking
| specialist Vyatta Inc. sells networking appliances with router, firewall and
| virtual private network software on a Dell Inc. PowerEdge server.


What Do We Really Want From Linux?

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| ...the vast majority of distributions are so specialized that this is not as
| bad an issue as it might seem. It usually boils down to something like Ubuntu
| vs. Red Hat.
| I do agree that there needs to be incarnations of Linux that are as
| comfortable as possible to use on the desktop -- something for Joe CD-ROM, as
| it were. But I don't believe the whole of Linux as we know it has to be
| remade to make that possible. Ubuntu has tackled the problem in a practical
| way, by building (and continuously improving) a desktop-friendly distribution
| that has drawn popular attention to Linux like little else before it.

Openbravo Partners with rPath to Build ERP Software Appliance

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| This step reflects Openbravo's commitment to building the Openbravo Network,
| a support contract for Openbravo ERP applications, due to be launched in
| November. *