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> ... And they are right, but not for the reason they think:
> The Vista wow becomes a whisper
> .----
> | I wasn't a big fan of the "Wow" campaign around Windows Vista.
> | But its newest incarnation -- "100 Reasons Why Everyone's So
> | Speechless" -- might be even worse. The new site lists 100 reasons

Microsoft writes and targets this pages for an audience of 14 year olds. It
figures. Microsoft doesn't fool too many people.

> | users should take a closer look at Windows Vista. No. 1 is "It
> | makes using your PC a breeze." No. 100 is "Because your network is
> | the backbone of your business (Network Diagnostics and
> | Troubleshooting)." "Seeing Windows Vista for the first time may
> | leave you searching for words.
> `----
> http://blogs.zdnet.com/microsoft/?p=851
> It left me searching for a sick-bag.
> Mary "Axe" Foley strikes again!
> Maybe the "silence" is just wishful thinking on Microsoft's part, after
> all, the reaction to Vista has actually been /far/ from silent, has it?
> Unfortunately the noise is less of a chorus of "Wows" and more like
> screams of pain, followed by a firm resolution to switch to GNU/Linux.
> Oh well. Better luck next time with Windows 7, a.k.a. Windows ASCII
> Edition. ROTFLMAO! I can hardly wait. I haven't laughed this long and
> hard since I sat through a marathon of all 275 episodes of "Cheers".

It's developed outside the US and reports have suggested that Vista is such a
mess that trying to build a next version while trying to mend the (broken)
existing one is impossible.

....Similar problems with WS08, WHS and Vista, which had many security flaws
brought from XP when Vista was supposed to actually be developed, not patched.
It's the cost of thinking that if you'll build it, they will come. Just a
field of dreams. Too much, too fast, too irresponsible (trying to please
investors instead of delivering decent and maintainable products). Compare KDE
and gnome in terms of their release cycles and see the difference in terms of
maintainability. Shuttleworth complained about this.

~~ Best of wishes

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