Why don’t more people use Debian?

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| Now, I have been running Debian for a couple of weeks, and I don’t get it:
| Why don’t people just run Debian? It’s seriously stable as hell, even when
| running testing (Lenny), and it feels.. standard, in a good way.


Red Hat to Host Government Users and Developers Conference

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| Red Hat has announced the third-annual Red Hat Government Users and
| Developers Conference to be held on Nov. 1, at the Ronald Reagan Building &
| International Trade Center in Washington, D.C.



Red Hat to Host Third-Annual Government Users and Developers Conference

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| The adoption of open source technology continues to be one of government's
| hottest computing trends. This fast-paced, one-day conference is designed to
| keep Red Hat users, developers and IT professionals from the Department of
| Defense, civilian agencies, academic institutions and other areas of federal,
| state and local government agencies on the cutting edge of the innovative
| applications and open source integration.