Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> Canada to tax legal digital music downloads
> ,----[ Quote ]
> | The surcharge would help compensate artists for piracy, according to
> | SOCAN's reasoning. The publishing group draws similarities between this
> | and a 21-cent fee already applied to blank CDs in the country; the right
> | to copy a song from an online store demands the same sort of levy
> | applied to copying a retail CD, SOCAN argues.
> `----
> So, people already pay 'piracy tax' for media players (thank you,
> Microsoft, but no thanks for making this a reality) and blank CDs, but
> that's not enough. What will they charge for next? Verbal face-to-face
> communication? Because some people might be talking about criminal lives
> they plot to engage in?

The potted plants industry is bigger than the entire
music industry in the UK
Yet they seem to manage OK without additional taxes.
The PC games industry is bigger than hollywood.
They seem to manage OK without additional taxes.

May be the music and film industry
have always over valued themselves and inflated
their importance to politicians compared to other industries
and needs to be reigned in.