IE + RealPlayer = Security hole

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| If you have RealPlayer installed and use Internet Explorer to browse the web,
| beware: an exploit in circulation can allow an attacker to take complete
| control of your machine, Symantec is warning.

Taking control of the PC? Sounds like old and unalarming news. One in 4 Windows
PC is already controlled by a criminal somewhere...


IE6: The zombie browser

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| Paul Graham's much-dissected essay Microsoft is Dead offers some witty and
| perceptive analysis, but it sidesteps the fact that Microsoft's rotten corpse
| will take decades to decompose.

Symantec Software Battles Vicious New PC Enemies: 'Bots'

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| "We are seeing rapid increase in botnet infections," says Ed Kim, director
| of product management in the consumer division at Symantec.

Gathering 'Storm' Superworm Poses Grave Threat to PC Nets

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| Although it's most commonly called a worm, Storm is really more: a worm, a
| Trojan horse and a bot all rolled into one. It's also the most successful
| example we have of a new breed of worm, and I've seen estimates that between
| 1 million and 50 million computers have been infected worldwide.