iPhone Vulnerability An Open Door For Hackers - Researcher

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| "I started Safari on my iPhone, browsed to a Website, and a few seconds
| later, HD was able to get root on my phone, without a wireless connection.
| Being able to run your own machine code pretty much opens the gates,"
| Finisterre said.


Close, proprietary, and it shows. They give a bad name to *NIX. See below.


iPhone Security Hellhole?

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| First, the iPhone root password was broken. OK, it happens. But now it seems
| that all applications run on the iPhone as root. Can you say biggest security
| blunder of the 21st century to date? Â* Â*


How secure are Linux, Window and Mac OS? [Linux most secure]


Apple iPhone issue highlights security debate

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| Most early iPhone adopters have bought into the Apple mythology which
| convinces them that anything blessed by Steve Jobs is automatically
| desirable, so we won't see a mass return of the shiny devices with their
| slick interface.


First iPhone 3rd Party GUI App Compiles

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| Of course, it is the standard "Hello, world." application, but it's native to
| the iPhone and uses the iPhone's GUI.


IPhone Flaw Lets Hackers Take Over, Security Firm Says

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| The researchers, working for Independent Security Evaluators, a company that
| tests its clients’ computer security by hacking it, said that they could take
| control of iPhones through a WiFi connection or by tricking users into going
| to a Web site that contains malicious code. The hack, the first reported,
| allowed them to tap the wealth of personal information the phones contain.


iPhone Freed From AT&T, Twice

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| The company will be selling licenses to the hack, minimum quantity 500, at a
| price not yet announced. These hacks are much bigger news for those outside
| America. Expect to see an industry spring up to meet European (and Asian?)
| demand for freed iPhones.