Everyone Blames Microsoft

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| Having used Vista since launch, I can't really see any tangible benefit, or
| the "Wow" for that matter and I'm increasingly thinking of going back to XP
| for better speed and less hassle, or trying something else entirely. I wonder
| how many others are thinking the same?


How Big A Flop Is Vista?



Default What To Do When Updates and Vista Don't Mix and Generate Errors

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| obsolete due to Windows Update. But at the same time, Windows Update is by
| no means a foolproof system. In fact, Microsoft indicated that under some
| circumstances, updates delivered via the service and Windows Vista will not
| mix, and generate a variety of issues.


Windows Update update screws updating

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| Earlier this year, Microsoft pushed out what is being termed a 'stealth
| update' to Windows Update. Normally, users are asked via the Update system
| what new patches, security fixes and the like to install and are prompted to
| install and reboot. However, this fix - which was to the Update system
| itself - was a stealth push from Microsoft, and installed under the radar.


Coincidence? WGA Failures Followed Windows Update 381

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| One plausible scenario: Windows PCs running Windows Update version
| 7.0.6000.374 (or earlier) failed to activate/validate against a WGA service
| updated for version 7.0.6000.381. Microsoft had attributed the WGA failure to
| early release of a system update, which could fit this scenario. I haven't
| set up a new Vista PC recently. But if I rightly remember, activation is a
| process that occurs before updating.