We've had a 3510fc and v20z for testing for a few weeks now.
Unfortunately we are facing the following problem. We've been trying
to get it to work on RHES3.0. We wanted to run Veritas VM and cluster
server on a set of 3510fc's and v40zs, so we wanted to test on a
smaller scale first.

1) http://seer.support.veritas.com/docs/272412.htm
Veritas does not support Opteron's 'natively', it requires installing
32bit Pentium kernels, which our admins believe kills the whole point
of using Opterons. Veritas might support Opteron's in August.

So far I've found the following link to compare what 'possibly' the
diff might be:


It seems to be fairly drammatic, in 32bit mode, selects (reads) are up
to 50% slower vs 64bit mode.

Can someone point to any other sources?


We use Oracle and on Solaris 2.7 boxes
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