Image acquisition development platform runs Linux

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| India-based embedded board specialist E-con Systems and U.K. distributor
| Direct Insight have collaborated on an image acquisition development platform
| based on Marvell PXA270 or PXA320 processors. The "Triton-Cam" is said to be
| available with Linux 2.6 support.

Text input software showcased on Access Linux Platform

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| Zi Corporation continues to sow its multimodal text input software throughout
| the Linux mobile phone community. At Access Day 2007 in Tokyo today it showed
| off the technology pre-integrated into the Access Linux Platform (ALP) mobile
| phone stack.

Telecom infrastructure software gains DSP support

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| The product comprises a runtime component that executes on the DSP itself,
| along with client software residing on the DSP farm's "host
| processor" -- "typically a PowerPC or Intel part running a Linux [operating
| system]," according to Chris Lanfear, product marketing director at Enea.

Is there anything which is delivered /without/ Linux support now? Other than