NVIDIA 100.14.23 Linux Driver Released

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| The NVIDIA 100.14.23 display driver features improved hotkey switching
| support for some Lenovo notebooks, improved modesetting for Quadro GPUs,
| fixed a problem with Compiz after VT-switching, and improved interaction with
| Barco and Chi Mei 56" DFPs.


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| Foresight Linux 1.4.1 was released on October 19th, 2007 with GNOME 2.20.1.



NVIDIA: Got Specifications?

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| This past week AMD raised the Linux graphics bar by not only announcing their
| new fglrx graphics driver, which delivers Radeon HD 2000 support, immense
| performance improvements, and AIGLX, but it was accompanied by an
| announcement that they will be delivering specifications to the X.Org
| development community. These two announcements came after intense work
| internally at AMD and over a long period of time, but literally overnight it
| changed the minds of many Linux users on how they judge this company with its
| once notorious binary blob. AMD has really set a precedence for showing that
| a semiconductor company once criticized to no end with their proprietary
| software can update their views to assist and embrace the open-source Linux
| community while remaining competitive as a company in a triopoloy market.
| They have also thus reaffirmed that Linux is a viable desktop operating
| system. But the ball has now landed in NVIDIA's court. NVIDIA can either play
| ball by pushing forward with a similar effort, and then all of the big three
| GPU manufacturers would be cradling an open-source strategy, or they may find
| themselves in trouble down the road.


Foresight Linux 1.4 Review

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| Foresight is really great for seeing the latest gnome; one can show off the
| bleeding edge desktop. Foresight also has a great out of box experience.
| Foresight is having a great theme and is quite user friendly. I would
| recommend it to every one, coming to me, asking for which Linux to start
| with. * *


Foresight Linux Review

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| Foresight Linux is a relatively new distribution based on rPath Linux and
| featuring the latest Gnome and freedesktop.org desktop. This review of
| Foresight's latest version, 1.4, will attempt to show the strengths of this
| distro and why not, give you a reason to try it next time you go distro
| hopping! * *


Foresight LiveCD GNOME 2.17.92

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| Today marks the release of GNOME 2.18.0, and to commemorate today's
| release we have posted some screenshots from the Foresight LiveCD
| 2.17.92 GNOME Release Candidate, which is designed to be a demo
| GNOME LiveCD. This is also Foresight's first attempt at creating
| a bootable CD image.


Foresight Linux (Review)

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| I'm really impressed - as a long time Ubuntu user, this is the first
| distro that really makes me consider switching.


Review: Foresight Linux 1.0

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| Installation of Foresight Linux was a snap. Under VMware Fusion
| Beta on my MacBook Pro and on my Athlon 64 x2 system with GeForce
| 7800GT the installation was flawless. The graphical installer
| popped up cleanly on both and easily walked me through the
| installation process with minimal questions.