Mandriva Linux 2008

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| If you hate the word Ubuntu and just dont like the system, Mandriva works
| well and the PowerPack contains everything you need unlike the Ubuntu default
| install.

Battle of the Titans: Mandriva 2008 vs openSUSE 10.3

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| Overall Winner
| In our little just-for-fun comparison, we the judges find that Mandriva wins
| by 4 categories to 2. But to the original question the answer would be to go
| buy the Mandriva Power Pack or try PCLOS or ALT Linux in which advanced power
| saving feature do work out of the box. Also, YMMV.
| However, don't forget that both openSUSE and Mandriva are both nice distros.
| This little article is highly subjective and you may not agree. That's okay.
| I love them both.
| Winner: Mandriva 2008.0


Mandriva 2008.0 rocks

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| Mandriva 2008.0 seems to be a splendid release. Since setup I've not
| experienced any problems. My system is fast, responsive, and stable. The new
| artwork is gorgeous, and the fonts look great as well. I was pleased with the
| hardware support, especially the powersaving features. I can play any
| multimedia file format I have, and watch Flash videos on the Web.

Mandriva Linux PowerPack 2008.0 review

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| Like I usually say when Mandriva is at the apex of its release cycle, this is
| desktop Linux as it should be. It's as advanced and complex as you need it to
| be, and as automatic as most people would like it to be. Unlike nearly every
| other desktop-oriented OS, with Mandriva I never run into incidents where the
| automatic parts of the system interfere with my intentions for desktop
| operation. * *