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> BBC Quietly Announces Linux/Mac iPlayer
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>| Keir Thomas writes "When the BBC released its new iPlayer
>| watch-on-demand service, there were many complaints about the fact
>| it was Windows-only -- the equivalent of current BBC broadcasts
>| only being watchable on, say, a Sony television. The good news is
>| that the BBC has announced a Flash-based player for Linux and Mac
>| due by the end of the year. (The announcement is buried half way
>| down the page.) The bad news is that it will probably only offer
>| streaming, and not the ability to download programs, like the
>| Windows client has. Quote: 'It comes down to cost per person and
>| reach at the end of the day.'"
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> http://yro.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=07/10/16/1958217
> The "cost" argument is bull****. The BBC already uses RealPlayer
> technology to provide media, and this already supports DRM (if they
> absolutely /must/ use it), so why did the Beeb ever even approach MS to
> begin with ... they already had /all/ the technology they needed?
> And even now ... rather than use the Real technology that is already
> integrated at the BBC, they'd /still/ rather turn to Adobe for a
> half-baked solution.
> It's just a series of excuses designed to favour their new "partner".

Because they're recruited some ex-Microsoft people, I would imagine.

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