Vista, a second much angrier look

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| However after all the cursing and twitching was over I managed to collect
| myself when I realized; Vista reminded me just how ****ty ever other version
| of Windows has been excluding the yawningly successful Windows 98 and the
| only other real choice Windows XP.
| I'm sorry Microsoft but you're stuck up cheerleader OS just ain't cutting it,
| maybe its time to loose the flare and work on some integrity.


6 months later, a report card on Vista

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| "I can't live in Vista if the software that I use in my life for productivity
| does not work," said Pirillo, in the third minute of a 52-minute video he
| posted on YouTube. *
| [...]
| He "upgraded," as he called it, back to XP.

Allchin's 'Buy a Mac' E-Mail Exposed

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| "I must tell you everything in my soul tells me that we should do
| what I called plan (b) yesterday. We need a simple fast storage
| system. LH [Longhorn] is a pig and I don't see any solution to this
| problem. If we are to rise to the challenge of Linux and Apple, we
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| need to start taking the lessons of 'scenario, simple, fast' to
| heart. Jim"