I'm trying to get TV out working with the ati driver so I can watch
movies on my TV. I'm using a Dell Latitude CPx laptop (PIII 500MHz,
Fedora Core 3). I have atitvout installed and it works in console
mode, I see the text on my TV. But, when I start X the screen is
garbled (vertical and horizontal refresh are off)

If I change to the vesa driver I get X to work but I can't play movies
because MPlayer complains that there is no hardware (or some such, hard
to read the small print on a TV!) Ie, there is no 3D acceleration, I

I installed the latest SourceForge download for Gatos and installed it
as described on the web page but it appears to have no effect.

I think I'm close but all my searching on the net has me running in

If anyone can help I'd really appreciate it!


Ron Kneusel