ATCA proponents look to open up software features

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| Motorola's embedded communications computing group, in particular, is touting
| the adoption of an open-source implementation of the Service Availability
| Forum's Application Interface Spec.


Motorola and the FOSS that Wasn't

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| When Motorola decided to write an "open source" Service Availability
| Framework they, perhaps unknowingly, illustrated a disturbing trend in
| the FOSS (free and open source software) world.

Motorola Announces Intention to Form Industry-wide Consortium to Lead OpenSAF

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| The company also announced the first release of the open source code
| related to the project. The consortium also will manage any future
| development of the OpenSAF code base. Leading companies including
| Ericsson, HP and Nokia Siemens Networks have expressed support for
| this initiative.
| The open source project will establish a broadly adopted high availability
| operating environment that can be leveraged by computing technology
| companies,

Motorola Initiates Industry-wide Project to Create Open Source High
Availability Operating Environment Based on Service Availability Forum

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| Motorola, Inc. today announced it is initiating a new open source
| project to develop a complete high availability operating
| environment based on Service Availability Forum(TM) (SA Forum)
| standards.
| ... Combined with ATCA based hardware and a Carrier Grade Linux operating
| system, OpenSAF provides a key high-availability component to complete a
| full carrier grade commercial-off-the-shelf solution.

Motorola touts Linux support for 32-way ATCA blade

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| Some of the first widely available 64-bit chips were based on Alpha,
| and Alpha was the second architecture (after x86) to support Linux,
| back in the mid-90s. Linux founder Linus Torvalds wrote the
| port himself, paving the way for ports to many other
| architectures, which quickly followed.

Open Mobile Alliance to Support Mobile Linux Handsets

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| The Linux Phone Standards (LiPS) Forum says has established a formal liaison
| and framework for cooperation between the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) and
| LiPS. In particular, LiPS delivers specifications and standards for services
| and user applications on Linux-based telephony platforms, and OMA develops
| open specifications for mobile content and services. * *

Linux Phone Standards Forum and Open Mobile Alliance Create Standardization

Motorola leaves Linux users in the lurch with its Linux smartphone

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| When Motorola released its smartphone running linux, I thought that it was a
| great match for my requirements. I later found that the synch. options were
| Microsoft only, so I contacted Motorola... *

Motorola sees Linux as its mobile mainstay

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| Cell phones traditionally have used proprietary operating systems, fragmented
| even among one manufacturer's products. Motorola and other vendors have also
| opened up phone platforms through the Java and BREW software environments.
| Linux will help to further expand the community of developers for software,
| which is becoming an increasingly important part of mobile phones, said
| Christy Wyatt, vice president of ecosystem and market development at
| Motorola. The company has shipped about 9 million Linux handsets in the past
| four years and is now extending the OS down from smartphones to midrange
| handsets such as the Razr2. * * * *

Motorola ships a U.S. Linux mobile phone

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| It's finally happened. Motorola last month quietly shipped its first
| Linux-based mobile phone "bound for North America," in its words.
| Additionally, the world's third-largest handset vendor (Mot was passed up by
| Samsung this year) is offering new "MotoMAGX" tools supporting native Linux
| third-party apps. * *

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| "Linux will take a significant--I'm not allowed to say 'dominant'--market
| share of mobile phone operating systems," she predicted. Motorola expects
| 60% of its phones will use a version of embedded Linux "in a short
| time," Wyatt said.