Citrix preaches 'second mover advantage' over VMware

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| With XenSource, Citrix completed this push, adding technology that sits at
| the very heart of the data center. Now, according to Wasson, Citrix is well
| poised to continue its mission of becoming a "successful, multi-billion
| dollar software company."


Citrix and Microsoft make nice at VMWorld

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| For those wondering how Microsoft partner Citrix’s purchase of open-source
| vendor XenSource would affect Citrix’s relationship with Microsoft, the
| September 11 announcement involving the two does little to answer that
| question. *

Microsoft, Citrix To Extend Virtualization Alliance

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| Today at VMworld 2007, Microsoft Corp. and Citrix Systems Inc. announced that
| they have strengthened their longtime integration alliance in the desktop and
| application delivery market by standardizing on the Microsoft Virtual Hard
| Disk (VHD) format as a common runtime environment for both virtualized
| operating systems and applications. * *

Will Microsoft Buy the New Citrix? *

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| VMware, holding some 85 percent of the market, with its VI3 technologies
| offers a fully integrated stack and represents a third generation of
| virtualization technology, while Viridian and Xen-based products, including
| SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, XenEnterprise
| and Virtual Iron, remain second-generation products, the report stated. * *

Heady Days for Virtual Systems

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| The former Microsoft Latest News about Microsoft general manager is
| now vice president of XenSource, a Palo Alto, Calif., virtualization
| company with a growing outpost in Redmond, Wash.

What the XenSource deal says about open source

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| This is what Citrix is paying for. That and a close relationship with
| Microsoft that looks likely to get closer. “We will be building dynamic
| virtualization services and management tools on top of Viridian,” Levine
| added. “We will build the same set of products we’ve built on top of Xen for
| Viridian. We’ve already hired a team to go do that up in Redmond.” * *
| While Citrix maintained it will continue support for the Xen project, this
| deal is not about a proprietary vendor getting open source religion. It's
| about grabbing an emerging player in a rapidly expanding sector of the
| market. *