An Open-Source Project with a Marketing Team. Imagine That.

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| That's why I was particularly interested in talking with John Newton, CTO and
| co-founder of the open-source enterprise content management system (CMS)
| Alfresco. The company, founded in 2005 by John Newton (co-founder of
| Documentum) and John Powell (former COO of Business Objects), has something
| I've rarely encountered in the open-source community: a PR agency and
| marketing consciousness.

Meet Martin Roesch - Creator of Snort

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| Martin Roesch is the CTO and founder of Sourcefire Network Security as well
| as the creator of the borderline indestructible open source Snort Intrusion
| Detection system engine.
| [...]
| In this interview with Patrick Gray, Marty Roesch talks about the future of
| Snort, the commercialisation of open source and angry shareholders.