[H]omer wrote:

> One of Sweaty's favourite words, but in the context of Microsoft, does
> it actually mean anything, or is it just marketing gibberish?
> Microsoft: Buy from us because we are Really Big
> .----
> | When did Microsoft lose its way and forget that customers look
> | to it for value, with value being defined as "software solutions
> | that solve business problems"? Of course Microsoft continues to
> | push such customer value, but it feels to me that the company
> | increasingly dilutes this core message with other, specious
> | measures of value.
> |
> | Microsoft hawks intellectual property value

Todays meetings are very very different.
The feeling on the ground whenever micoshaft is mentioned
is "F@CK MICOSHAFT!" we don't need it.
Intellectual property thing doesn't even reach discussion stage
because 'we don't want it' and 'we don't need it'.

If developers and management don't any longer care,
why is micoshaft still beating out these dumb messages?
Perhaps it has nothing else to sell?

I just don't believe you can make and ship products these days
if it contained anything micoshafty inside. Anything micoshafty
is a hindrance and a cost and drain on resources and needs to
be vetoed whenever it shows its ugly head.

> ("We probably won't
> | sue you!"). Now, as Glyn Moody points out, the company is pitching
> | "bigness" value.
> |
> | What's that? Basically, it's value that derives from being big.
> `----
> http://blogs.cnet.com/8301-13505_1-9800260-16.html
> It's like saying "Windows is everywhere, therefore it's the best".
> Coincidentally, ****roaches are everywhere also. Are they the best too?
> And this "value" mantra that Sweaty keeps repeating like a broken
> record, is utter bull****. "We bring value...", yeah - the "value" of
> DRM. The "value" of stealth updates. The "value" of no Vista drivers, or
> even compatible software. It's 10 billion dollars worth of "value" down
> the toilet if you ask me. It sounds like Sweaty is trying to convince
> /himself/. He certainly hasn't convinced /me/.