After takin' a swig o' grog, [H]omer belched out this bit o' wisdom:

> .----
> | Meet Mona Shaw, 75, of Bristow, Virginia. And if you are
> | wondering, no relation. A retired Air Force nurse and secretary of
> | a square-dancing club, Shaw went Com-smash-tic in her local Comcast
> | office one day last month. As Neely Tucker of the Washington Post
> | tells it, Shaw arranged with Comcast to have them install their
> | "Triple Play" service- phone, cable and Internet. Seems as though
> | the Comcast installer failed to show up on the appointed day of
> | Monday, August 13. Two days later, he shows up but only does part
> | of the job. Yet rather than finish the work, Comcast cut off all
> | service to the Shaw's home.
> `----

We dumped Comcast. But our new neighbor signed up. The cable from the
street unit to her house has been lying on the grass, above ground, for
two weeks.

I can't wait until they dig the little trench for it.

My wife said one of the techs was walking around our house, trying to
see if we had a dish, apparently.

Why put up with crap service?

That's why I avoid Windows, too. My reinstall of XP on a 256Mb laptop
is a joke. My God! What putzware!

Windows is confining!