Hello All,
I am finding a strange problem with my linux installation. I am using
Vector Linux 4.3 (Kernel 2.6.7 ?) on a Toshiba 2520CDT Laptop. The CPU
fan never gets on, although it is red hot (my laptop turns to a hot
plate after 2hrs use!!). But when I reboot, the CPU fan turns on, and
it doesnt stop at all. I still didnt get the connection between my
Linux installation and CPU fan (There is no problem with CPU fan, I
verified it with my windows 2000 boot, it gets on and off
automatically).. please clarify if anything of that sort exists ?. Is
it possible by any configuration I can make the fan work automatically
and make it off when not required ? I have seen users facing similar
porblems, but was not able to get the correct solution.
Can somebody there help ?
Thanks and Regards