Exclusionary Agreement Grievance Gets Airing in Novell-Microsoft Suit

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| The second claim allowed to move forward is that "Microsoft engaged in
| exclusionary agreements with manufacturers that amounted to unreasonable
| restraint of trade." Thus, it appears that exclusionary agreements are
| lawful, but only so long as they do not lead to "unreasonable restraint of
| trade". It is an issue that has been discussed in forums throughout the FOSS
| community. Many in the community have hoped that just such a case could be
| pressed against Microsoft.


They wanted an exclusionary agreement with Microsoft. Serves them... but the
employees suffers, with the exception of the managers. New (but expected):

Software developer's Provo operations to shed 200 jobs, offshoring positions to

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| Novell is laying off 250 software development positions in the United States
| and offshoring the majority of these to its operations in Bangalore, India.
| The company announced the layoffs to its workers today.



Novell restructuring nears end

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| A former Novell worker who still has ties with the company told the Daily
| Herald he had heard as many as 600 jobs could be eliminated or moved overseas
| to lower labor-cost countries including India, where Novell has a software
| development center.