[H]omer wrote:
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>> Too many new P members who were only interested in taking
>> bribes for OOXML support, now hold back the standards
>> process with apathy:

> Link:
> http://www.consortiuminfo.org/standa...71016092352827

There is further explanation:


or http://tinyurl.com/337fun

How Microsoft stopped an ISO committee from working
{ October 17th, 2007 }

A while back I blogged about how Microsoft helped ‘recruit’ about
20 new members for the ISO SC34 committee in order to help
approve it’s OOXML document format. Now it looks like that didn’t
only affect the voting process for the OOXML ballot but also the
entire working of the SC34 committee!

The new members that joined the committee to help out Microsoft
and OOXML have apparently been neglecting to vote on the three
latest standards! This resulted in not enough votes and thus
canceling the entire voting process for that standard.

Since the new P members joined the committee there isn’t a single
issue that could be voted. Not only did Microsoft mess up the
credibility of the ISO organization, it also messed up the voting
It is a sad thing that these participants are not devoted enough
to uphold the entire standards process. It refines the meaning
of "me too!" (with apology to advocates).