Free Software for the SMB

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| With more than 25.8 million small businesses currently in the U.S. and
| 671,000 new companies getting started every year, purveyors of free business
| software have lots of potential customers to attract. Open source vendors
| provide a wide collection of free software.

CorraTech Integrates Open Source Business Apps

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| Open source software service firm CorraTech launched Opensuite. The release
| is an open source-based integration of rich e-mail, document management and
| CRM. "Integrating rich e-mail and CRM has a lot of potential," said Bernard
| Golden, CEO of Navica and author of Succeeding with Open Source.


Novell Unveils Workgroup Suite for Small Businesses

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| "Small businesses are increasingly interested in Linux," said Ray
| Boggs, vice president of Small/Medium Business Research at IDC.

The hidden roadblock - What is stopping SMB adoption of GNU/Linux?

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| What's left is to encourage this ecosystem to flourish and to educate
| SMB's and ISV's on the benefits of GNU/Linux based networks for
| their business. Surely, both will be hesitant to change applications
| and development platforms, so there is no easy road ahead. Platform
| transition is not a trivial pursuit, but as more applications are
| available on GNU/Linux, it is visible on the horizon.

Virtualization fits in small business

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| The advent of high-performance workstations and servers based on
| Windows, Linux and similar technologies brought the benefits of
| virtualization to small- and mid-size businesses that might have
| only a limited IT staff and an even more limited budget.

Small businesses are ripe for free software

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| Of course, the initial appeal for a business is the same advantage
| that I first noticed about many free software applications: the zero
| acquisition cost. The ability to acquire these programs for free
| allows you to spend your limited capital funds in areas that
| generate profits for your company. In my initial scenario, we
| purchased one more PC than originally planned with the savings.
| [...]
| Whether you are a new business, at the point where your start-up
| expenses are exceeding your revenues (if any revenues yet), or a
| current business owner wanting to be frugal with your expenses
| and investments, you can find a free software application for
| your company.

Are SMBs Missing the Open Source Boat?

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| "One of the frustrations shared by many SMBs is the lack of
| affordable customization capabilities for business software,"
| said Red Hat Exchange Product Director Matt Mattox, "[but] this
| is where open source solutions can make the most headway. ... The
| longer-term opportunity is to engage the open source community to
| develop customized solutions for a wide variety of SMB niches.

Verio Targets SMBs With Linux-Based Managed Server Release

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| Verio's Linux MPS is built on Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES version 4 and
| comes bundled with dedicated, enterprise-level hardware, a highly
| secure managed hosting Get FREE CDN for 3 Months.