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This is a discussion on [News] [Rival] The Microsoft 'Grand Lockin Plan' Outlined - Linux ; A Bold Yet Bland Plan For Communications Domination ,----[ Quote ] | Note to Bill Gates: You're known for crushing competitors mercilessly. Your | chief executive, Steve Ballmer, is a large, sweaty man who dances like a | monkey. You ...

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Thread: [News] [Rival] The Microsoft 'Grand Lockin Plan' Outlined

  1. [News] [Rival] The Microsoft 'Grand Lockin Plan' Outlined

    A Bold Yet Bland Plan For Communications Domination

    ,----[ Quote ]
    | Note to Bill Gates: You're known for crushing competitors mercilessly. Your
    | chief executive, Steve Ballmer, is a large, sweaty man who dances like a
    | monkey. You are launching a frenzied raid into the multibillion-dollar office
    | communications business. And you kick off this new initiative with, what, a
    | stale gust of cheesy guitar rock by a no-name performer (and, reportedly,
    | a "surprise" appearance by 62-year-old Eric "Layla" Clapton, which, rumors
    | indicate, is slated for this evening)?
    | No, Bill, no. You need men adorned with giant swords and foam rubber armor.
    | You need Gwar.
    | [...]
    | Microsoft is gunning for a flock of competitors, including AOL, Google, which
    | offers business-class instant messaging, and Cisco Systems, which has its own
    | so-called unified communications products. The big idea is to combine today's
    | phone systems with sophisticated software and the Internet to link instant
    | messaging, video conferencing, e-mail and telephone communications into a
    | seamless whole.


    Same s* with SOA and the remainder of the 'lockin stack', namely: Sharepoint,
    XPS, OOXML, HD, Silverlight, etc.


    IBM chides Microsoft over SOA

    ,----[ Quote ]
    | Mills provided further contrast between IBM and Microsoft, saying that, in
    | SOA, IBM takes vertical approaches to automation around inventory management
    | and transaction control, and makes these horizontal processes. *
    | "We want to be frictionless in transactions as we rethink business-processes
    | models," said Mills. "Transaction integrity requires sustained access flow,
    | and Microsoft doesn't do that. Microsoft is about passing messages from one
    | Windows-based system to another, not about involving the transaction
    | function. * *


    Microsoft absent from open standards movement around SOA

    ,----[ Quote ]
    | Now, a new series of SOA standards is headed to OASIS, ones that could
    | create a whole market segment around SOA common programmatic principles,
    | but Microsoft is nowhere in sight. The absence of Microsoft from the
    | Service Component Architecture (SCA), and its sibling Service Data
    | Objects (SDO), definitions process can mean one thing: Microsoft will
    | pursue its proprietary approach of baking pseudo-SOA into its
    | operating system stack as long as it can.


    Microsoft needs REST

    ,----[ Quote ]
    | Yaron Goland defended his Microsoft colleague, Dare Objasanjo, as a poor
    | sitting duck. He justifies the decision to scrap APP as tactical and not
    | strategic. He states: “We considered this option but the changes needed to
    | make APP work for our scenarios were so fundamental that it wasn’t clear if
    | the resulting protocol would still be APP… I also have to admit that I was
    | deathly afraid of the political implications of Microsoft messing around with
    | APP.” According to Goland, “we couldn’t figure out how to use APP without
    | putting an unacceptable implementation and performance burden on both our
    | customers and ourselves.” * * *
    | The implications for this APP vs. Web3S debate can potentially be enormous.
    | Just as we are on the brink of creating simple architectures that are
    | interoperable using simple standards, the industry risks splitting into
    | separate, incompatible camps again. It is probably no coincidence that we
    | have Microsoft on one side and Google, IBM and Sun on the other. This will be
    | a fundamental problem for enterprise customers if Microsoft extends this
    | strategy into any REST architectures that it introduces into the enterprise.
    | Any enterprise systems that expose their data using APP, which is likely in
    | the near future, will be incompatible with any Microsoft system that expose
    | their data with Web3S. * * * *


    Halloween Memo I Confirmed and Microsoft's History on Standards

    ,----[ Quote ]
    | *By the way, if you are by any chance trying to figure out Microsoft's policy
    | *toward standards, particularly in the context of ODF-EOXML, that same
    | *Microsoft page is revelatory, Microsoft's answer to what the memo meant when
    | *it said that Microsoft could extend standard protocols so as to deny
    | *Linux "entry into the market": * *
    | * *Q: The first document talked about extending standard protocols as a way
    | * *to "deny OSS projects entry into the market." What does this mean?
    | * *A: To better serve customers, Microsoft needs to innovate above standard
    | * *protocols. By innovating above the base protocol, we are able to deliver
    | * *advanced functionality to users. An example of this is adding
    | * *transactional support for DTC over HTTP. This would be a value-add and
    | * *would in no way break the standard or undermine the concept of standards,
    | * *of which Microsoft is a significant supporter. Yet it would allow us to
    | * *solve a class of problems in value chain integration for our Web-based
    | * *customers that are not solved by any public standard today. Microsoft
    | * *recognizes that customers are not served by implementations that are
    | * *different without adding value; we therefore support standards as the
    | * *foundation on which further innovation can be based. * * * * *


    A File Format Timeline

    ,----[ Quote ]
    | Like any durable goods monopoly (and few things are as durable as
    | software) Microsoft's largest competitor is their own install base.
    | Microsoft has made many attempts at moving beyond the binary formats
    | in the past, with Office 2000, Office XP and Office 2003. But in each
    | case it failed. These were all false starts and abandoned attempts. So
    | we should look for signs that OOXML is actually Microsoft's real
    | direction and not another false start or dead end.


    Microsoft used undocumented Windows APIs - Iowa testimony

    ,----[ Quote ]
    | 'All I can say is holy API batman...I'm not kidding...we are talking
    | about literally 500-800 APIs here, no joke,' he wrote.
    | Alepin had earlier claimed that Microsoft ran special demonstration
    | programs whose sole purpose was to crash rival products and alleged
    | that the company had subverted developers who used Microsoft's
    | version of Java 'thinking they were developing multi-platform
    | applications, but were actually developing Windows-specific
    | applications'.


    CIS Accuses Microsoft of Plotting HTML Hijack

    ,----[ Quote ]
    | An industry coalition that has represented competitors of Microsoft
    | in European markets before the European Commission stepped up its
    | public relations offensive this morning, this time accusing
    | Microsoft of scheming to upset HTML's place in the fabric of
    | the Internet with XAML, an XML-based layout lexicon forn
    | etwork applications.


  2. Re: [News] [Rival] The Microsoft 'Grand Lockin Plan' Outlined

    After takin' a swig o' grog, Roy Schestowitz belched out this bit o' wisdom:

    > A Bold Yet Bland Plan For Communications Domination
    > ,----[ Quote ]
    > | No, Bill, no. You need men adorned with giant swords and foam rubber armor.
    > | You need Gwar.
    > `----
    > http://www.forbes.com/technology/200...microsoft.html

    > splorf <

    A funny? In Forbes?

    "Those companies may have a head start, but Microsoft is wading after
    them armed to the teeth: It is counting on the hooks in its Exchange
    e-mail software and Office productivity suite to make its offerings
    immediately useful--and quickly inflict a little pain on

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